(1-2 minutes) at an average rate. Sexual activity is not limited. When the second functional class recommended therapeutic exercises until savers long train no more than 30 minutes, and the heart rate up to load up to 130 hours in classes of physical training in the long run a special program for the treatment of "strong" group exercises, sports equipment, and training at VEM in the short term (up to 10 minutes), gym, non-competitive (volleyball, table tennis, badminton), cost antibioticon of aldara swim in the pool, dosed walking on skis, helped the work of the house (cleaning the apartment, cooking, and lifting weights 6-8 kg), and work in the garden plot except shovel soil, lift and carry heavy objects more than 8 kg, moderate and fast walking (up to 110 steps per minute) and short (2-3 minutes), walking speed quickly 120-130 steps per minute in the short term, the pace of moderate (1-2 minutes). Sexual activity is not limited.

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